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#159 | UNLEASHING YOUR EXPONENTIAL POTENTIAL: The Power of You Squared (Part 3)


The McCommitments - The Scottish Saviours of Soul 

The third part of Price Pritchett's incredible book "You2"

Unlock the power of your untapped potential with Price Pritchett's 'You2'. Discover the transformative strategies and insights that will empower you to achieve exponential growth in your personal and professional life.

Please take this opportunity to purchase a copy of You2 (Squared) by Price Pritchett. A real game changer in the realm of productivity.

I have an Amazon UK affiliate link for this if you'd care to use it. I get a small cut of anything bought via this link:

You Squared Part 3


Executive Producer at Disruptive Film and Audio Productions Ltd.

THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY: The McCommitments - The Scottish Saviours of Soul. 

Celebrating the music from the multimillion-selling soundtrack to the iconic Alan Parker movie "The Commitments". The McCommitments keep the soul of The Commitments alive with an 11-piece band smashing out classic soul hits such as In The Midnight Hour, Try A Little Tenderness,  Take Me to the River, Hard To Handle, and of course.....Mustang Sally [and more.]


The McCommitments are available to play shows all across Scotland and beyond delivering a high-energy 2 hours of soul music that will have audiences going and dancing.  Available for corporate events, social clubs, charity events, and theatres.  

Instagram: the_mccommitments_soul

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