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Updated: Nov 5, 2021

In this show I look at how you must be able to adapt to circumstances as they come up. Flexibility means being able to pivot when problems or opportunities arise.

Change is the only constant in life. Ones ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life. Benjamin Franklin UNQUOTE

The reason that I’m doing short episodes this season, and have really tried to make them work after several seasons which bloomed in length and format is because I came face to face with a difficult choice. Either I give up on all of this as it’s simply too time consuming for a project that brings in no income, or I had to adapt. This new episode format was hard fought to make work too, as mission creep was always extending and stretching my resources. In the end I just had to adapt. We all have to adapt at the moment too because the coronavirus pandemic has meant that things for the time being at least, are no longer be the way they were.

Flexibility is not a weakness: it’s a great achievement tool, provided you stay true to your vision, mission, values and principles. If you are flexible, you have a choice to refine what you do, to stop what you do or to do it differently. But if you have no flexibility, you will not be able to benefit from failures or solve old problems in new and better ways. It takes a determination to succeed and mental flexibility to be able to solve problems creatively, find opportunities in the problems that arise and emerge from failures as an inventive winner.

An inflexible mind jumps to conclusions before gathering all of the facts. I’m sure that you have one or twice made the mistake of forming an opinion about someone before he or she finished speaking, only to find out later that our opinion was way off.

To be achieve success through flexibility you must:

  • Not be wedded to a concept ‒ nurture a creative dissatisfaction mindset

  • Constantly scan the competitive environment for new opportunities, stay close to customers and partners to hear their concerns and suggestions and be in daily communication with employees and partners to allow ideas and concerns to rapidly become apparent to you.

  • You must Challenge assumptions, ask ‘Why? What if?’ questions.

  • Start implementing new strategies and ask learning SWOT questions. These will be covered in the NEXT EPISODE but in short SWOT is an acronym for; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. If you ask swot analysis questions and have them answered honestly, then you will learn what is working for you and what is not.

  • Finally to be truly flexible you must reassess your past strategic decisions periodically and make corrective changes. What worked for you in the past will not always work for you now.

It’s essential that you embrace flexibility and shake off the old ways that could be keeping you back.

And those with flexibility also tend to be the happiest and most successful in life and at work. Here are a few ways that suggests that exceptionally flexible people benefit from their adaptability.

1. They adapt quickly to new situations and tend to be prepared at all times with a Plan A, B & C (and, D if necessary).

2. They embrace how things are by appreciating those things that are going right in their lives.

3. They pause before reacting. They understand that there are many solutions to any given situation and they take the time to gather information before choosing their best option.

4. They don't get defensive. They understand that receiving honest and candid criticism--and acting positively toward it--can only make them better.

5. They think on their feet. Flexible people aren't afraid to change their opinions as they take in new information.

6. They can easily switch tasks midstream and work on multiple projects at the same time. They have an innate ability to change their global way of thinking to a much more precise way of thinking when necessary.

7. Flexible people tend to be the true innovators. They view the world through an open and creative lens. They thrive on discovering more efficient ways to achieve, and they create new systems that are beneficial to everyone.

8. They are great empathizers and listeners, and tend to be very perceptive of others' feelings and what they are thinking.

9. They have a strong sense of themselves, and they trust and follow their inner voice.

10. Their flexibility allows them to see the humorous side of life's struggles with an easygoing, take-it-task-by-task-and-day-by-day attitude.

11. They are well liked. Because they listen to the opinions of others and are so willing to help out when needed, others tend to gravitate to them and they are well liked.

Your strategic flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly when you see that a particular strategy isn’t working may be the key to your success. To quickly perceive the need for change and then make it happen will set you out from your competitors and highlight real opportunities for you where they see none.

Thanks for joining me here again today. If you like what you hear then please spread the word and don’t forget to subscribe and give me a shout out on your social media if you get the chance… and If you’d like to sponsor one of these short shows then please get in touch. It’s just £10 per episode and that goes towards the costs of keeping the show going for another year. In the next episode I’ll be talking about why we must get comfortable in being uncomfortable to gain the success we are seeking.

Let me end now with the words of PETER ECONOMY- The leadership guy on who says that we must Be prepared for changes in your business environment--and prosper from them by being flexible instead of rigid in your beliefs and actions. Unquote - but perhaps you’d prefer this one from Aesop The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over.


Now take control of your own destiny, keep on shootin’ and join me next time on FILM PRO PRODUCTIVITY AND SUCCESS!

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