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I think it's important never to look a gift horse in the mouth, never to overlook your talents [and] what you're good at. Jim Carrey

Today I want to talk about low hanging fruit which is how some people describe the most easily achieved of a set of tasks, measures, goals, etc. The phrase “low-hanging fruit” was adopted from the metaphor of an abundant tree. On this imagined tree, there is a bounty of fruits covering its branches from the very top to the drooping bottoms.

When looking at the tree, it’s obvious that the fruits resting on the bottom branches are the easiest to reach out and grab. It doesn’t take much effort to take these low-hanging fruits. However, they’re likely the most rotted and susceptible to the elements. Meaning that although it’s easy to get, it probably isn’t going to be the best piece of fruit.

Alternatively, the fruits at the top of the tree are a bigger challenge, requiring a lot more effort and time to finally reach them. Once the effort to grab a ladder or scale the tree is made, it’s found that these tougher to reach fruits are the most unharmed from nature’s wrath and animals.

The metaphor is used to describe people’s ambitions, goals, and actions. Low-hanging fruit represents the simplest objective that someone can take on. It might not be difficult to achieve, but it doesn’t award them with much in terms of the outcome either.

The higher reaching fruits represent goals that require full exertion to reach but ultimately provide the person with a much more rewarding result.

There are two sides to my thinking on this, and both of them I think are worth talking about when it comes to productivity and success.

I was over seeing my friends Jim and Debs the other week as we’re working on a promotional video together for their See Scotland Now series that you can find on Amazon.

In an article I found these 4 benefits of going for the low hanging fruit that I hadn’t considered.

1. Gaining momentum

Small successes can help you generate energy in your career, build professional contacts and expand your network. As you complete simple tasks at work, you can use the positive momentum from each success to motivate you toward future projects. Because low-hanging fruit typically guarantees success, regularly pursuing accessible opportunities can help you find a pattern of productivity at work.

2. Providing rewards

Planning to complete reliable, easy projects on a regular basis is a great way to reward yourself for working on other tasks. Every time you finish a difficult assignment, consider switching to one of your simple responsibilities that usually has a good outcome. This can give you a mental reward and add variety to your workday.

3. Sharing success

When you identify different types of low-hanging fruit at work, share them with others on your team. For example, if you have multiple reliable sales leads in one region, distribute them among all consultants in that area. Having a fair distribution of opportunities with a high likelihood of success can build teamwork and a culture of shared motivation.

4. Building confidence

Every time you succeed at work, it can build your confidence. Because low-hanging fruit involves regular, reliable success, it consistently boosts your confidence in your skills. If you're having a hard day at work and want to remind yourself of your abilities, choosing a project where you know you can thrive is a good way to review your fundamentals and become more self-assured.

As fair warning I should remind you of the words of Charles Spurgeon. He said that “Easy roads make sleepy travellers” so chasing the low hanging fruit is certainly not what I suggest you do with your lives, but it’s not something worth completely ignoring either, especially when times are hard.

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Why do we insist as creatives in making things difficult for ourselves? Do you have any low hanging fruit, that when things are slow as has very often been the case during covid times, you can grab hold of?



I don’t know your job but you can think of something in your line that could be classed as low hanging fruit?

Next time:

Next weeks show is about finding the hole in your bucket. That one thing in life or work hat is holding you back. Tune in to find out more.

I’ll end now with a quote from Warren Buffett who said If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

Now take control of your own destiny, keep on shootin’ and join me next time on FILM PRO PRODUCTIVITY AND SUCCESS!



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