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Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom. Francis Bacon

Listen more than you talk.

Let’s put this straight out there – you must prioritize active listening over talking in your interactions with others.

By listening more, you have the opportunity to gather valuable information, gain insights, and understand different perspectives. When we truly listen, we show respect for the speaker, their opinions, and their experiences but when we talk excessively, without giving others a chance to express themselves it can all too easily lead to misunderstandings, miscommunication, and missed opportunities.

Listening more than we talk requires active participation, such as maintaining eye contact, providing verbal and nonverbal cues of understanding, and asking thoughtful questions. It involves setting aside your own preconceptions and biases, allowing you to genuinely absorb the information being shared.

This phrase Listen more than you talk encourages us to cultivate good listening skills as a means of personal growth. By valuing and prioritizing listening, we can enhance our understanding of others, foster meaningful connections, and engage in more productive and fulfilling conversations.

There’s a reason too why we have a right to remain silent when dealing with the law, and any good lawyer will remind you that you must not offer up any more information than you have been asked for when interacting with law enforcement. This is to ensure that you won't reveal anything you'll later regret. The same goes for day-to-day conversation. Knowledge is power so sometimes, especially in business you must keep what you know to yourself. By listening instead of talking on the other hand will likely gain valuable information.

This is a valuable skill that you will need to practice, but it’s a tremendous skill to cultivate. Knowing when not to speak in a professional environment is just as important as knowing when to talk at all.

A place for everything and everything in its place

The importance of assigning a specific location or purpose to each item or object and ensuring that they are returned to their designated place after use is a fundamental productivity concept that promotes efficiency, reduces clutter, and simplifies daily routines.

Having a designated place for everything saves us time and effort spent searching for misplaced items and helps us maintain a clear and organized living or working space. When everything has its place, we can easily locate and access what we need, increasing productivity and reducing stress.

Organizing the physical aspects of our lives also grants us a sense of organization in our thoughts, tasks, and responsibilities.

"A place for everything and everything in its place" emphasizes the importance of organization and order. By assigning specific locations and purposes to our belongings and maintaining a systematic approach to tasks and responsibilities, we can enhance efficiency, reduce clutter, and achieve a greater sense of control and balance in our lives.

What you are not changing you are choosing

If you are unwilling or resistant to making changes in your life, you are essentially making a choice to remain in your current situation or circumstance.

Change is a natural and constant part of life. When we resist or avoid change, we are often holding onto familiar patterns or staying within our comfort zones, even if they no longer serve us or hinder our progress.

By recognizing that not changing is, in fact, a choice, we become more aware of our own agency and the power we have to shape our lives. This one forces us to reflect on the consequences of our inaction and consider the potential benefits and opportunities that come with embracing change. It motivates us to evaluate our circumstances, identify areas that require change or improvement, and make deliberate choices that align with our goals and aspirations because only by embracing change and making conscious choices, we can create a more fulfilling and meaningful life. As Mahatma Ghandi once said, Change yourself - you are in control.

Let me recap on what I’ve been discussing today. I hope you can find the time to consider it and utilize what you have learned.

1. Listen more than you talk.

2. A place for everything and everything in its place

3. What you are not changing you are choosing

So that’s enough for now. Please do spread the word about the show if you can, and if you’ve found what I’m talking about here to be valuable have another listen, write some notes and tell a few folks about it. I’m always looking for new listeners. Anything you can do to promote the show whether its sharing social media posts or telling folk to listen in directly will make a world of difference,

I’ll end now with some words from Leo Tolstoy who said Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. – get changing folks but in the meantime….

Take control of your own destiny, keep on shootin’, and join me next season on FILM PRO PRODUCTIVITY AND SUCCESS!

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