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Updated: Nov 4, 2021

To achieve goals you've never achieved before, you need to start doing things you've never done before. Stephen Covey

I first started listening to podcasts when I was traveling to and from a film job on the west coast of Scotland and the two shows that I listened to on those trips were THE DAVE BULLIS PODCAST and Alex Ferrari’s awesome show INDIE FILM HUSTLE. Alex decided to create INDIE FILM HUSTLE after spending over 25 years in the film business and watching countless filmmakers get chewed up by the Hollywood machine. With that show he created a resource dedicated to dropping truth bombs on filmmakers with a no nonsense approach. It is likely the biggest and best film-making podcast on the planet. I’m also pretty sure that it’s the longest running.

But why am I talking about these other shows? Well, just before I went on my social media break in October, Alex Ferrari reached out and invited Film Pro Productivity and Success to be part of an amazing project of his, called the INDIE FILM HUSTLE PODCAST NETWORK. The pitch for the Network is simple – It makes it easy for you to discover, connect, and engage with industry-leading film-making and screenwriting podcasts, all in one place. They curate the best podcasts that will help you on your film-making and screenwriting journey and you can listen to any of their shows on your favourite podcast platforms.

I talked things through with Alex and on seeing the other incredible podcasts in the network, which I was very pleased to see included the Dave Bullis Podcast, I was very glad to accept the invitation. Although it will mean a few small changes to how and where the show is hosted it seemed to me that this was an opportunity not to be missed. This inbetweenisode is a little heads up on what to expect in the next few weeks.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Seneca the Younger

The reason that I want to do this, despite that fact that it may or may not cause some small disruption is primarily that being part of the INDIE FILM HUSTLE PODCAST NETWORK will help to raise awareness of the show and build a larger audience. It is indescribably difficult to promote a podcast these days. Especially with the recent massive influx of new podcasts created by those that suddenly found themselves out of work due to the covid situation. The struggle to get listeners to help me promote the show is also a very real one and despite the many thousands of twitter followers I have, conversion from follower to listener is largely just a pipe dream. In the end, joining this network of similarly themed high level podcasters is an opportunity I simply couldn’t refuse.

All of this does mean that there are a few changes on the horizon and that could mean a slight disruption in service as we will very shortly be migrating this show over to another host. Although I am paid up for the next year on podbean, and I’ve already committed the sponsorship money to that, part of the deal means migrating the show’s media content over to

I’m hoping this won’t mean a disruption to your subscriptions on the podcast app that you have been using but it might. Technology does not always behave the way you expect it to so if for some reason you lose the show, please just search for it again. It will be there. I will also put out information about this on social media so look there for links.

The main change that will happen in terms of listening is that there will be short ads at the start and end of the show. The content will be exactly the same, and it’s still all completely free. Those of you who have sponsorship's at the start of the show will not be affected by this. Those sponsorship's are part of the show.

The second change that will happen is that I will start releasing shows bi-weekly. The show which was due to launch tonight will go out next week instead, but all following episodes will be released at two week intervals from then on. We believe that regular bi-weekly episode releases will lead to better growth for the show. I may still refer to 12 show blocks as seasons but there will no longer be 3 month gaps between them.

The website and the social media accounts for the time being will all be the same, although the show will also have promotional pages on, and bear their cool logo on its marketing.

At the moment the IFH network hosts some other terrific podcasts so I’ll put a link to them in the show notes. The other show’s you will see there are of course Indie film Hustle and The Dave Bullis Show, but also: Inside the screenwriters mind, shoot from the heart with Diane Bell, Low Budget Rebels, filmmaking conversations with Damien Swaby, the excellent bulletproof screenwriting podcast, the successful screenwriter, filmtrepreneur, the make your movie podcast, Go for production, filmmaking motivation, the film trooper podcast, indie film academy podcast, cinematic heartland, the secrets of story podcast and film festival hacks.

Nest week I’m heading back to the last few episodes of season 5 with episode 79, 10 ways to motivate and inspire others part 1. See you there.

Let me end with these words from Jim Rohn

You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.

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